The Nature of Hope

The Nature of Hope – Premier Event

On September 29th, we hosted the online film premiere of The Nature of Hope. During the event, Foundation President Sanjay Shah and Executive Director Mason Payne welcomed Dr. Ravikant Singh and Dr. Rajat Jain of Doctors for You as well as Mr. Harish Hande of the SELCO Foundation. The video of that event is shared here.

In addition to sharing the story of this Bihari community, we wanted to share the story of Doctors for You (DFY) and why we chose to support their work. Understanding the tremendous challenge facing DFY in this remote area convinced us we should do more. Sharing their story with donors around the world has already helped them gain support for critical facility equipment, PPE, and operating support. If you are interested in supporting the work at the Vistex Hospital, you can click here to view the giving options.

This website will continue to be updated with news about the hospital, the community and DFY. We will also do our best to share updates on contributions made to the facility.

We hope you enjoy the film and the conversation that followed. There were also a few questions we were unable to answer during the event – please see below for those responses.

Q: Does the hospital get government support and/or contributions from other non-profits?
A: In addition to the Vistex Foundation, Doctors for You has received Vistex Hospital specific support from the SELCO Foundation, the Ikea Foundation, the Australian Embassy, and the Oak Foundation as well as a significant contribution by way of an online fundraiser on The government has begun providing material support to the hospital as well, particularly related to its Covid-19 services.

Q: How does a person with a medical background get involved with the hospital – are there volunteer and residency opportunities?
A: Obviously the pandemic has made it difficult for international volunteers to travel to India for this purpose. We are working with DFY to establish a process for such placements, once travel is permitted and sage. For interested volunteers within India, contact or click here for additional contact information.

Q: Can you share tax-related information about Vistex Foundation?
A: Vistex Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization, EIN: 46-1387604 Address: 2300 Barrington Road, 7th Floor, Hoffman Estates IL 60169. Our tax documents can be publicly obtained at

Q: Can you share tax-related information about Doctors for You?
A: Doctors for You India donation and tax information can be found at