About The Hospital Project

The mission of the Vistex Foundation is to support the development of sustainable health systems in underserved areas – specifically those that incorporate modern health services, community healthcare approaches, and a commitment to long-term community engagement. With Doctors for You, we have funded the building of the Vistex Hospital – a primary and secondary health facility that will fill a desperate need for emergency and continuing care services in the area, as well as serve as a community center for learning, connecting and, now, for critical Covid-19 services.

The Location


Masarhi, Bihar India

Located about 19 miles southeast of the city of Patna, Masarhi is one of many small farming villages in the region. A very poor area within the struggling state of Bihar, the village has significant need. However, its location on a newly built road, as well as being centrally located within a significant gap of health services provided a great location for the hospital project.

The Partner

Doctors For You

Doctors For You is a pan-India humanitarian organization who has worked in various disaster zones since 2007. DFY focuses on providing medical care to the vulnerable communities during crisis and non-crisis situations, and emergency medical aid to people affected by natural disasters, conflicts and epidemics. DFY reduces disaster risk to human society by delivering trainings and capacity development in emergency preparedness and response. The work of DFY is guided by humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, and neutrality. It offers services and assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, class, caste, religion and gender.

The Plan

Vistex Hospital

A 30,000 square foot facility, capable of being expanded significantly over time, the Vistex Hospital was built to be a sturdy, inviting, and modern building at the heart of the rural Fatuha district. DFY and Vistex Foundation are employing a phased approach to the expansion of the hospital, recognizing the population growth of the area, as well as the changing health needs. After phase one completion, Vistex Hospital provides general out patient care for more than 60 patients at any one time, including more than 30 beds, emergency care, minor and major operating theaters, modern radiology and pathology departments, and dental services. The facility also serves as a headquarters for DFY’s community outreach services, malnutrition programs and disaster response work.

The Construction


Opening Ceremony

Construction of the initial phase was completed November, 2020 and the hospital began accepting patients on a 24-hour a day basis. Community members from many kilometers away joined us to inaugurate the hospital, to share a meal, to get a check-up, and to tour the new facility. From groundbreaking to ribbon cutting, the work was done in less than a year despite many political and weather-related challenges. Construction, however, is ongoing. DFY has attracted new donors to the Hospital, and has added Covid-19 response facilities, solar panels, and new staff quarters to meet the growing demand.

Latest News


COVID-19 and The Hospital Needs

Not long after its opening, the Vistex Hospital was converted into a COVID response facility at the request of the Bihari government. With intense poverty in the region, coupled with extremely close quarters of living, doctors fear a significant outbreak of the virus in the region. We are working with partners around the globe to meet the many needs the hospital and the patients will require in the coming months. We invite you to make a donation, or to sponsor a piece of much needed equipment, by clicking the link below.

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